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Communication is at the heart of learning and social interaction, and there is nothing more gratifying to us at Donna Lederman, SLP, PC than meeting the challenge of teaching children to talk.

We specialize in the use of PROMPT therapy, which adds a powerful dimension to the process of developing speech production skills. The breakthroughs that occur when children feel the movements of the words they want to say are deeply rewarding.



Teletherapy now offered as an alternative service delivery model!

In response to the challenge of meeting the needs of our clients during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Zoom platform is proving to be an effective modality through which to:

2011 CASANA Advocate/Professional of the Year

2011 CASANA Advocate/ Professional of the Year

award goes to Donna Lederman, M.A., CCC/SLP. This award acknowledges an individual who has contributed in substantial ways to the well-being of multiple children with apraxia of speech through service, advocacy and support.     See award ceremony.

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