Donna Lederman teaching a PROMPT courseWhile treatment is unique to each individual child, our philosophy in treating communication disorders in children remains constant:

  • A Knowledgeable Approach... based on extensive study in the areas of speech and language development and motor learning theory; familiarity with current research, assessment protocols and treatment methods
  • A Holistic Approach... considers the "whole child" and coordinates speech and language with all other aspects of development; understanding that significant changes in development result from changes in many components (motor, perceptual, cognitive)
  • A Caring Approach... acknowledging a child’s strengths while developing motor skill; developing trust and encouraging him to take risks in treatment; providing support and acknowledging each and every step toward successful communication
  • A Supportive Approach... acknowledging parents’ concerns, providing a positive and supportive environment in which to answer their questions, guide their interactions and share their joy as their children learn to communicate


Our Primary Ingredients for Success:

  • We specialize in the use of PROMPT therapy, which provides tactile cues to guide movements for speech production in children whose motor speech systems are unstable or poorly coordinated.
  • We provide an open, child-friendly environment, focused on developing engagement with our clinicians, motivation to communicate, and confidence in using newly learned functional communication skills.
  • We provide a comprehensive and accurate diagnosis, which forms the basis for treatment and the ability to make appropriate referrals when indicated.
  • We build social interaction skills at the same time as developing and improving speech production ability.
  • We support parents by explaining the nature of each child’s communication difficulty, providing weekly updates, parent training workshops, strategies for building skills at home, and opportunities to network with other parents.

Mission Statement

The success of PROMPT® therapy and its application to children with a wide variety of speech and language disorders has created an overwhelming number of requests for treatment. My mission, as a Senior Certified PROMPT Instructor, has been to provide quality services to Long Island children and their families, and to train and mentor a select group of speech pathologists to work at my side. My goal is to help each and every family who contacts me with concerns about a child’s speech and language development.

–Donna Lederman

Donna Lederman, Speech-Language Pathologist, P.C.
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