Child with Hearing ImpairmentA was referred to the practice at age 4 years by the Cochlear Implant Team at New York University Hospital because of poor speech intelligibility. She presented with deficits in both motor planning and linguistic processing systems. Conversational speech was difficult to understand without the benefit of a shared context. With the participation of As family and professional team, A has succeeded in achieving a high level of motor control and coordination at the sentence level. Ingredients for success have included:

  • The use of four levels (types) of PROMPTs used systematically to support As jaw and to provide information about timing, place and degree of muscle contraction for speech sound production
  • The contribution of sensory integration techniques
  • Sharing of goals and objectives with As auditory verbal and school therapists
  • Video–taped sessions and materials sent home for practice
PROMPT therapy has become second nature to A and she has been thrilled to "use the technique" to help her little brother learn new sounds!!

Children with Cochlear Implants

A... her enthusiasm for learning and her motivation to participate fully in her social world has contributed greatly to her success with speech intelligibility.

One session at a time, with the use of PROMPT therapy techniques, A has practiced syllables, words and phrases selected to help her grade jaw movements, round and retract her lips symmetrically and use her tongue to produce a range of consonant sounds with precision.

Donna Lederman, Speech-Language Pathologist, P.C.
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