Ian - Sensory Integration & Motor Planning DisorderIan was referred to our practice by his parents, who had tried numerous times to obtain speech and language therapy for Ian through the Early Intervention Program. Although Ianís testing indicated a severe delay in expressive communication ability (greater than 2 SD below the mean), his high scores in receptive language areas caused him not to qualify. At 2 years 4 months, Ian used gestures and a few word approximations to communicate and did not socialize with other children. Shortly after his PROMPT® evaluation, EI services were initiated. ROMPT therapy provided target sounds and words to address Ianís motor speech disorder, and his home therapist worked cooperatively by sharing her strategies and reinforcing Ianís PROMPT vocabulary.

Ianís PROMPT assessment revealed difficulty in executing, timing and coordinating oral muscular movements for speech production. Jaw gradation was poorly controlled and Ian did not use his lips or tongue independently of his jaw to produce a range of consonant and vowels expected of a child of his age. During the assessment session, Ian responded dramatically to the use of PROMPT, and he produced 10–15 single words and several word combinations ("I want more"), one word at a time. Each session brought new challenges, and each time Ian practiced his motor sequences in enjoyable, motivating play contexts. His productions became more automatic, and they increased in length and complexity. An occupational therapy evaluation was suggested to help Ian with sensory processing and fine motor skills, and strategies from OT have been integrated into Ianís PROMPT sessions.

Ian is now working at the phrase and sentence level, playing games that involve turn–taking and a range of pragmatic functions, and interacting verbally with friends and family. He suggests games and activities during our sessions, and is never unwilling to practice a challenging sound, word or phrase. Each success is met with a "High Five", and new ways of incorporating motor practice are introduced frequently to keep Ianís level of motivation high.

Children with Sensory Integration and Motor Planning Disorders

Ian....thrives on success, loves to practice his sounds and words, and actively seeks the tactile input provided by PROMPT therapy.

One session at a time, Ian has built speech motor skills, working diligently on clear and consistent production of vowels, diphthongs ("ow", "I", "oy") and consistent production of consonant sounds in all positions in words. He has grown dramatically in his use of intelligible words and phrases to communicate with his family and build social relationships.


Donna Lederman, Speech-Language Pathologist, P.C.
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