Lee received his initial PROMPT evaluation in our office when he was approximately three years old, at which time he was not capable of oral communication. He produced few sounds pr–linguistically. His ability to control and coordinate the oral musculature for speech production was compromised by low muscle tone, sensory processing disorder and motor planning deficits in addition to more global issues related to his diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Disorder.

Lee has worked with Donna Lederman and several members of her team over the past 5 years. As a result of intensive treatment and coordination of services among Lee’s family and professional team, he has made dramatic strides in speech production, receptive and expressive language and pragmatic ability. After the first year in treatment, Lee was able to use 1–3 word utterances to serve a variety of pragmatic functions (requesting, commenting, responding, labeling, protesting, greeting and closing). Spontaneity and consistency of expressive utterances developed slowly and required co–treatment among related professionals as well as Lee’s parents. Input from occupational therapists and Lee’s ABA team was incorporated into PROMPT treatment plans, and songs and activities were selected to provide high levels of motivation. Lee learned to initiate as well as participate in an increasing number of topics.

At age 7, Lee entered a 2nd grade class at his local elementary school. He has excelled academically and has become socially competent, known to his school principal as a "social butterfly". Related services include resource room, occupational therapy and speech therapy to improve language and speech production skills. PROMPT therapy is provided weekly, focusing on production of lingual sounds, prosody and Lee’s overall language and communication abilities.

Children with Pervasive Developmental Disorder & Sensory Integration and Motor Planning Deficits

Lee... a team approach has contributed to the remarkable success of PROMPT therapy.

One session at a time, Lee has become a highly verbal, academically successful and socially interactive child.

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