New Seminar: "Long Distance Management of CAS — Can It Work?"

2012 CASANA National Conference

Boston, Massachusetts
Saturday, July 14, 2012
Presenter: Donna Lederman, SLP, P.C.

The use of PROMPT Therapy, the application of motor learning principles and the support of "telehealth" strategies have made it possible to provide effective treatment for our 4 year-old client who lives in Florida.

2011 National Conference on CASThe ability to effectively manage long-distance treatment involves the same diagnostic and treatment principles applied to all of our clients, but also includes a strong emphasis on parent training, teamwork and advocacy.

The first part of this seminar will include a review of historical information, highlights of this child's motor speech assessment and suggestions offered to help the parents maximize treatment outcomes. The second half will focus on treatment over time, highlighting the use of video-sharing and e-mailing of treatment plans that focus on monthly treatment targets, appropriate practice and feedback, and the use of increasingly complex language forms. The presentation will include many video-examples of our client's growth in speech motor control and pragmatic use of language during the first 10 months as a long-distance client.

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