Long Island Apraxia Seminar, January 29, 2011
sponsored by LISHA and The Information Connection
presented by Donna Lederman, CCC/SLP

Childhood Apraxia of Speech: Current Guidelines in Diagnosis and Treatment

Saturday, January 29, 2011
Campo Salisbury Center
718 The Plain Road, Westbury NY


Childhood Apraxia of Speech: Current Guidelines in Diagnosis and TreatmentThis seminar will provide clinically relevant information on diagnosis and treatment planning for children with Childhood Apraxia of Speech. An overview of current ASHA guidelines on the definition and key diagnostic features of CAS will provide a frame of reference for an in-depth review of current and effective strategies for intervention. Several recognized treatment methods for children with this challenging disorder will be discussed, and emphasis will be placed on using motor learning principles to guide treatment decisions. Videos will be used to highlight the key components of successful treatment planning for children of varying ages and levels of severity, and a case study of a child with CAS will be presented.

Time-Ordered Agenda

Please feel free to download the time-ordered agenda in .pdf file format.

Learner Outcomes

Participants will be able to:

  • Define CAS according to the ASHA Technical Report (2007) and delineate behavioral diagnostic markers for CAS.
  • Explain the core impairment in CAS and recognize different clinical presentations.
  • Identify the principles of motor learning and learn to use them to guide clinical decisions in treatment planning.
  • Delineate key components of effective intervention plans for children with CAS, including suggestions for generalization of motor skills.

Intermediate/Professional Area. Participants are expected to have some prior academic and/or clinical experience with children with severe speech disorders. Families are most welcome at the workshop with the understanding that the level of presentation will be at the intermediate professional level.

For more information visit the LISHA website.

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