Working Together to Maximize the Benefits of PROMPT® Therapy

Donna providing Parent SupportOur most effective therapies take place in an environment in which therapy targets are shared among parents and professionals on a regular basis.


How does PROMPT therapy work to benefit your child?

  • PROMPT clinicians evaluate your childís motor systems (see Motor Speech Hierarchy) along 7 Stages and work from the bottom up to build motor skills (stability and co–ordination).
  • Speech sounds and combinations of sounds (motor targets) are selected to increase skills in the weaker areas, building a base of control and establishing improved motor planning skills.
  • The speech sounds selected are used in words that are functional and relevant for your childís use of language in social and play or school settings. This group of words becomes a core lexicon.
  • The core lexicon changes as your childís skills develop. At any given time in treatment, these words should be known to you and all relevant professionals working with your child.

How can to ensure maximum benefit from your childís PROMPT therapy sessions?

  • Be aware of the Stages on the Hierarchy that your child is working at (generally 3 stages) at any given time.
  • Know the sounds/words and/or phrases that your child is working on, and keep a list of the words in a central place in the house (index card on refrigerator) to remind you to practice.
  • Help your child use his new words in meaningful, socially relevant situations during the day. We choose words that can be used on more than one setting (e.g. "more", "up", "hi", "go", "I donít know.") so that practice is easier to achieve.
  • Keep in mind that the goal is functional communication: not only imitation of words in a structured setting, but spontaneous use in social interaction.

How do you share information so that others working with your child can participate?

  • Provide information: names and phone or e-mail addresses of other clinicians working with your child.
  • Provide a communication notebook in which target sounds and words can be shared.
  • Expect related professionals to provide information as to how well your child is using his target sounds and words in therapy sessions at school or in home–based treatment.
  • Ask related professionals to provide information about the language and social interaction goals they are working on so that we can use these as a basis for some of our practice activities.

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Reasons for the clinical success of PROMPT therapy are numerous:

  • Emphasis is placed on feedback, which is known to be an important aspect of treatment in children with motor disorders. In PROMPT therapy, children receive tactile-kinesthetic as well as auditory feedback, which are the two most important sensory systems for learning to talk.
  • Emphasis is placed on trust and motivation, which are so important in helping children with motor processing deficits to take maintain the attention and effort required to make changes in speech production.
  • Words and word combinations selected are practiced in many varied interactions, both in therapy and in the childís natural environment, building muscle memory and motor planning skills.
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